Attorney General Tim Fox, thanks Tom Berry’s success in fighting illegal drugs

Tim Fox Attorney GeneralThree-term legislator Tom Berry brings a wealth of experience as a small businessman to the Legislature, and is widely regarded as invaluable in insurance law related discussions due to his experience on the issue. This extraordinary man also turned the loss of his beloved son 14 years ago into a powerful voice at the Legislature for important criminal justice issues.   As the scourge of designer drugs like bath salts and spice hit Montana, we were reminded of just how twisted the criminal mind can be. Using chemistry to change the characteristics of substances to mimic dangerous drugs, criminals thrust upon us seemingly innocuous products marketed in tempting packages and sold in convenience stores, head shops, and other stores. The results are devastating, as these substances ruined, and even ended, the lives of countless thousands of young Montanans.

“With Tom’s help, we can now protect our kids from these designer drugs.”

tom-berry-cares-for-kidsObviously these dangerous designer drugs needed to be outlawed, but that wouldn’t be easy. You see, to make a substance illegal, you must first define that substance chemically in a way that can be tested and analyzed to confirm that it is illegal. Once you’ve done that, the criminal chemists just change the chemical properties of the substance by cooking it longer, or adding something to the recipe, thereby making it slightly different than what we’ve made illegal in the law. Working with our State’s Forensic Crime Lab professionals and with Representative Tom Berry, my office was able to define in the law the basic chemical building blocks of these substances in a way that, no matter how the criminal chemists cook them up, they will still be illegal. With Tom’s help, we can now protect our kids from these designer drugs. Thank you Tom for turning your loss and grief into a life-long mission to protect our Montana kids. I am blessed to call you my friend, and Montana is blessed to have you as one of our leaders.

—Tim Fox, Attorney General, Montana
Commencement Speech at Yellowstone Christian College
May 10, 2014

Ray Gorham twists facts and misleads the public

Tom Berry votes with the Republican Majority 90% of the time


My opponent “Votes like a New Yorker”


Tom Berry raises Registered Angus Beef on a 4,000 acre ranch


My opponent has a “hobby ranch”


Tom Berry took a 4-week vacation

tom-Berry-ray-Gorham-FictMy opponent is a “part-time Montana resident”


Ray Gorham should stick at what he is good at: fiction.
Montana doesn’t need a candidate that campaigns on twisted facts and truths. If he is twisting the truth on the above, what else is he twisting the truth on?

Tom Berry Supports Parental Consent for minors

tom-berry-parental-consentI fully support our female minors to require parental consent prior to an abortion. Our children need our guidance. My vote on Bill 521 was a technical error—I’m human and made a mistake during that session’s intense work on over 1,500 bills. My opponent criticizes my votes, yet still offers no solution.
Our community needs a problem-solver,
not a hobby critic.”    —Tom Berry

Tom Berry’s Goals reflect his Community

tom-berry-shepherd-roundup• Smaller Government
• Reducing state spending
• Less regulation for small businesses
• Preserving Property Owner’s rights
• Protecting Child education and safety
• Promoting job growth & better wages
• Properly utilizing State energy sources
• Preserving Montana Lifestyles
• Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse

Busy Bee Cafe in Roundup thanks Tom Berry’s Legislation for Montanas small businesses

Tom Berry comes to the aid of Small Businesses dealing with Federally-declared Disasters.

Tom Berry comes to the aid of Small Businesses dealing with Federally-declared Disasters.

Busy Bee Cafe
317 1st Ave W, Roundup, Mt 59072
(406) 323-2204


Dear Editor,

During the flood of 2011, our Busy Bee Cafe was full of water we had to shut down, layoff all of our employees and rebuild our restaurant. As a result, our employees filed for unemployment insurance (and rightly so). With most of the employees filing for unemployment, the cost of our un-employment insurance skyrocketed, costing our Busy Bee Cafe business thousands of dollars in an increased premium. We asked Representative Tom Berry for help and he personally crafted legislation which stated if a small business has to shut down as the result of a federally-declared disaster and layoff their employees, the cost of the unemployment insurance will not go up. Tom Berry got this legislation through the legislature and it was signed by the Governor. This action saved our business and many other businesses thousands of dollars. Tom Berry is a good man and the kind of legislator we need in Helena, someone who lives here and will stand up for his constituents. We can’t trust some out-of-towner who bashes his opponent and misleads our community. We are supporting and voting for Tom Berry, and hope you do too.

Very Sincerely

Mark Petrie, Maryann Petrie
Busy Bee Cafe

Why Tom Berry for Montana HD 40: Former Shepherd School Teacher is tired of the Circus

Tom Berry for Montana by Mike Weiland

Mike Weiland, former Shepherd School Teacher recommends Montana’s Tom Berry.

First off, a friendly “hello” to the Yellowstone County community. It’s been several years since I had the opportunity to teach math and science in your school system.
The reason for me writing to you today is that I wanted to tell you a little bit about my father in law Tom Berry. Tom Berry is the Incumbent running for re-election in House District #40. I also know he is running against Ray Gorham of Paramount Log Homes in Shepherd, MT. I wasn’t going to get involved in this until I ready some of Mr. Gorham’s website and the comments from Vera-Beth Johnson in the Yellowstone County Newspaper last week.

Let me start off by saying, that my father in law, Tom Berry is a fine person, who has been a strong steward of our community with proven experience. He is not someone that ignores folks as Vera-Beth’s banter would have you believe. Tom Berry has grown up in Montana and has gone through the ups and downs of our state. Tom is a rancher, is involved with insurance, has served in our country’s military, worked with oil companies, and has run several successful businesses to boot. Vera-Beth talks about Mr. Gorham’s travels and that working for Walmart as an accountant is what Montana needs for good decision making. Really? All you need to qualify for a responsible Montana Legislature representative is an accounting degree, a passport and a few years living in our community? Vera-Beth’s perspective concerns me as a Montana native and is just plain weird.

I need set the record straight here. I have heard from individuals that have been visited door to door by Mr. Gorham on how bad Tom Berry is. Tom Berry has been and continues to be a responsible representative! Personally in my own selfish way, I would love someone else to do this job, but there is no other choice. I would love to have my two boys continue seeing a lot of their Grandpa. However, Tom believes that he can continue to make a difference for all of us and is committed to that duty. We are all very lucky to have someone like Tom Berry sacrifice this time for the sake of our families and state.

I also don’t believe that Vera Beth called my “father in law” about taxes. I believe that to be a bold face lie. She mentions that Tom Berry didn’t have time to listen to her concerns, yet Taylor Brown did? Does she know Taylor Brown actually works tightly with Tom Berry? Again, weird!

Anyone that knows Tom Berry knows better. Vera-Beth’s words are misleading and a waste of time and ink.   I ask that you read the bills all the way through before you listen to the circus. Please think for yourself, consider the big picture and call Tom if you have questions. I assure you that he will pick up the phone. I have yet to see what Mr. Gorham is going to do for all of us, and that deeply concerns me as a father and Montana Native. I believe that if you elect Tom Berry again, you will continue to get a Conservative thinker, problem-solver and someone that asks questions before voting down the party line. Aren’t you sick of people that can’t communicate yet?

Mike Weiland
Former Teacher, Shepherd Schools


Ray Gorham loses Shepherd School Trustee Seat vote

Ray Gorham, help new to the community and new to leadership roles, loses Shepherd School Trustee Seat

Ray Gorham attempted to run for a seat on the local Shepherd School District and lost to both opponents, with a poor 23% of the vote
School Trustee Seat, Shepherd 37. Experienced community members and opponents Julie Hinkle and Kirk Brumfield took the clear leads over Gorham.

School Trustee Seat, Shepherd 37 Voting Results
JULIE HINKLE                       461     38.87 %
KIRK A BRUMFIELD            443     37.35 %
“Just Say” RAY GORHAM    282     23.78 %

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana Businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana Businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by

  • Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSA)
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
  • Montana Contractors Association (MCA)
  • Montana Medical Association (MMA)
  • Montana Petroleum Marketers Association
  • Montana Tavern Association (MTA)
  • Montana Coal Council
  • Montana Bankers Association

Tom Berry voted to hold State Spending to 2.2%

Tom Berry reduced Montana Spending

Tom Berry voted for Appropriation Legislation which held spending to a low 2.2%. Montana’s economy grew by 3% last year?

Tom Berry’s opponent Ray Gorham claims that “Incumbent Tom Berry is a liberal big spender.”

The fact is Tom Berry voted for Appropriation Legislation which held State spending to a low 2.2%. Big spending Ray? Really?

Did you know? Montana’s economy grew by 3% last year?

Tom Berry is for Less Regulation in Montana

Tom Berry is for Less Regulation in Montana

Tom Berry is for Less Regulation in Montana

Tom Berry’s successful 3-term experience in the Montana Legislature has always followed a goal of less regulation for businesses and individuals. Ray Gorham’s fictional advertisements and inexperienced door-to-door sales pitches include his false statement “Tom Berry only voted for increased regulations.”

The fact is Tom Berry has always fought for less regulations. His record is clear. Tom Berry:

  • sponsored legislation giving real estate agents greater freedom to govern themselves
  • sponsored legislation granting state-owned banks less regulation
  • sponsored legislation to reduce regulations on Otter Creek coal tracts
  • voted to eliminate tax on business equipment for small businesses