At Least Tell Us the Truth, Ray Gorham

Ray Gorham Lies to MontanaGorham Lie #1
“Tom Berry is anti-gun”
Absolutely False: I am for the right to bear arms, am an NRA Member, own a concealed weapons permit, and voted for 4 important gun Bills including Castle Doctrine.

Gorham Lie #2
“Tom Berry voted for only onetax cut”
Absolutely False: I voted for SB96 to Eliminate Business Tax for small businesses. I also co-sponsored HB 334 for a 20% reduction in Workers Compensation rates. I sponsored HB 261 that Reduced Unemployment Insurance for businesses hit with a natural disaster such as the Busy Bee Cafe.

Gorham Lie #3
“Tom Berry only voted for increased regulation”
Absolutely False: I sponsored HB363 giving Real Estate Less Oversight from the Dept. of Labor. I also sponsored HB432 giving State Charter Banks Less Regulation. I sponsored HB533 for less regulation on Otter Creek Coal permitting process.

Gorham Lie #4
“Tom Berry voted to fundabortion providers”
Absolutely False: I voted for HB2, the Appropriation Bill (vote was 100 to 0 “for” theBill). The Bill included funding for title X which explicitly states funds cannot be usedfor abortion.

Gorham lie #5
“Tom Berry voted forObamaCare”
Absolutely False: The Bill introducing ObamaCare (Medicaid Funding) Died in the House of Representatives, so ObamaCare (Medicaid Funding) was never voted on.

Gorham Lie#6
“Tom Berry voted for allowing Sheriff’s Depts. to use armed drones (SB150)”
Absolutely False: This was a Senate Bill that Died in the Senate for lack of votes. I serve in the House of Representatives, so I never voted on that Bill at all.

Gorham Lie #7
“Tom Berry stole myCampaign signs”
Absolutely False:  Ray Gorham put his signs in a Montana “Right of Way”, so the State Dept. of Transportation took them down. Ray Gorham also put signs on Private Property (Trespassing) without permission, resulting in Landowners pulling the signs.
I could go on and on …


Want more of Gorham’s Lies?

Is Ray Gorham who you want representing you in Helena—a desperate, first-time and misleading candidate who will do anything to get into Office, including lying about his opponent’s voting record?