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Tom Berry for HD 40 in Montana

Tom Berry is running for Musselshell County Commissioner

Tom Berry Gets it Done.

Tom Berry has worked diligently for our area’s families, businesses and infrastructure as a Legislature Representative, and clearly understands the importance of a good leader for Musselshell County Commissioner.

Tom Berry is a Montana native, small business owner, rancher, family man and steward of our communities. He is Proven Success and that’s why Berry won Legislative positions for Montana House Districts. Raised on an irrigated farm in Eastern Montana, Berry learned about the importance of family, community, economic decisions and responsible problem-solving. With decades of Montana business experience including the Oil Industry, Construction, Restaurants, Truck Stops, Real Estate and Insurance, Tom Berry continues to make the best choices for a stronger Montana.

Musselshell County is a complex organization with dozens of distinct business functions, governed by elected officials, and overseen by a commission that acts as the executive, legislative, and the judicial branch of government at various times. Commissioners must understand each level of their responsibility to effectively lead a county.

Tom Berry’s experience will compliment the requirements of the Musselshell County Commissioner’s office.

Tom Berry has the experience that Musselshell County has been waiting for

  • City of Roundup Water Project 2015 $500,000
  • Musselshell County W&S Project in 2013 $450,000
  • Roundup Water Project in 2011 $500,000 Supports Law Enforcement
  • Carried Legislation to curb prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping
  • Carried Legislation to curb dangerous synthetic drugs
  • Revised 911 call center funding for immediate access Supports Roundup and the Entire Musselshell County:
  • Got Musselshell County’s Tim Schaff on the Montana Coal Board
  • Carried legislation increasing coal board funding, resulting in:
  • City of Roundup receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Roundup Schools receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Signal Peak Mine tax break for coal washing, thus increasing their competitiveness in the global market

Tom Berry has received an award for conservative excellence for his voting in 2015 legislature.

Listed below is a cross section of legislators voting:

Rep. Austin Knutson (R) House Speaker                100%

Sen. Elsie Arntzen  (R) Running for Supt. of School            98%

Rep. Tom Berry (R)          92%

Sen. Matt Rosendale (R) Running for State Auditor          91%

Rep. Jeff Essman (R) Current Exc. Dir of MT Rep Party     88%

Sen. Jonathan  WindyBoy (D) Highest Democrat Rated   43%

Rep. Chuck Hunter (D) Minority Leader in House Rep      8%

The American Conservative Union researched and selected a range of legislative bills before the Montana Legislature to determine member’s conservative principals. ACU selected bills that focused on Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of free society: life, liberty, and property.

Endorsements, Associations and Memberships

Tom Berry is Endorsed by

  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
  • Montana Contractors Association (MCA)
  • Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSA)
  • High Ranking by the Montana Chamber 2013
  • National Rifle Association Member
  • American Legion member
  • Montana Stock Growers Association
  • Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSA)
  • Montana Medical Association (MMA)
  • Montana Petroleum Marketers Association (WMPMA)
  • Montana Tavern Association (MTA)
  • Montana Coal Council
  • Montana Bankers Association
Tom Berry The Clear Choice for Montana

Tom Berry and his family.


Tom Berry with Grandchildren fishing

Tom Berry understands the Montana way of life and how important that is to pass on to our future generations.


One of Tom Berry’s missions is to help foster stronger education options for kids and promoting a drug-free Montana.

Tom Berry on his Montana Ranch

Berry was born and raised on an irrigated farm in Eastern Montana and currently runs his own Ranch out of Roundup Montana, while managing other successful businesses.