Tom Berry simply gets it done


Your Four-Time Elected Legislature Representative, works diligently for our families, jobs, communities, the economy and responsible choicesfor our Montana.

Tom Berry is the Right Choice for our Musselshell County Commissioner

•  tom-berry-thank-youConservative Native Montana Values
•  Experienced and Connected Legislator
•  Business Background and Ranching
•  Budget Wise and Priority Awareness
•  Understands our County’s Big Picture
•  Legislation against illegal drugs
•  Legislation against RX drug abuse
•  Emergency Call Center Funding
•  City of Roundup Grant
•  Roundup Schools Grant
•  Business Tax Break
•  Balanced Budget with Reserves
• City and County Water Project Grants
•  Property Rights Protection

Experience and Smart Voting for a Healthy Community

tom berry

Always voted for Treasure State Endowment (TSEP)

(These funds come from Coal Severance Tax)

  • City of Roundup Water Project 2015 $500,000
  • Musselshell County W&S Project in 2013 $450,000
    Roundup Water Project in 2011 $500,000 Supports Law Enforcement
  • Carried Legislation to curb prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping
  • Carried Legislation to curb dangerous synthetic drugs
  • Revised 911 call center funding for immediate access Supports Roundup and the Entire Musselshell County:
  • Got Musselshell County’s Tim Schaff on the Montana Coal Board
  • Carried legislation increasing coal board funding, resulting in:
  • City of Roundup receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Roundup Schools receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Signal Peak Mine tax break for coal washing, thus increasing their competitiveness in the global market

Voted to Reduce Tax

  • Reduced State Income Tax
  • Reduced Business Equipment Tax
  • Reduced Workers Compensation rates
  • Stop Increase of Employment Tax due to Natural Declared Flood Disaster that helped Busy Bee Café.

Voted for a Balanced and Smart Budget

  • For a Balanced state budget in 2015, leaving $450 Million in reserves
  • For a Balanced state budget in 2013, leaving $300 Million in reserves
  • For an Infrastructure Bill which would have allowed Roundup and Musselshell county to apply for grants

Other Smart Votes for our Community

  • For a Grant to Repair Deadman’s Basin Dam Spillway in 2011
  • For a Grant to Repair the Musselshell Diversion Dam for Deadman’s Basin water source in 2013
  • To Protect Property Rights, preventing property corner crossings

Signal Mine a Musselshell County No brainer

Nicole M. Borner Musselshell County Commissioner backup elect Due to Voter Disappointment

From Nicole M. Borner-County Commissioner posted via Facebook

wendy beeye nicole

There is a danger to democracy. The intimidation of special interest groups espousing one side of an issue, playing on the emotions of the public by misrepresenting facts and selling propaganda. Consequently, creating instability to the economy and disrupting the ability to establish sound policy that will benefit our country as we navigate the issues that affect our lives, economies and environment.

I could reach into a bag and pull out any number of threats, real or perceived to our democracy. I’m talking about the real danger advanced by the systematic misrepresentation of facts and the calculated choice of presenting one extreme side of an opinion, with the very real intent of a predictable outcome: The destruction of the coal industry and the death of communities.

It is time we speak out against untruths and misrepresentation of facts.

Signal Peak Energy’s safety record and their stewardship of the Bull Mountains proves their commitment to excellent best business practices. In 2015 SPE received 266 inspections from Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and currently worked 980 days without lost time accidents. Despite the March 5th Billings Gazette opinion letter that purposefully misrepresented facts, Signal Peak Energy has received no violations from DEQ in the last five years.

Signal Peak Energy provides good paying jobs and pays 36.3% of Musselshell County’s real and personal property taxes. Signal Peak Community Foundation is a generous supporter of our youth, volunteer-civic organizations, hospital and to our city and county. During the historic 2011 flood, SPE provided invaluable help to the county by donating equipment in order to repair critically damaged roads and paying for a helicopter to get miners to and from work. Musselshell County is proud of our mine. We couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.

The Sierra Club, Norther Plains Resource Council (NPRC) Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC), Montana Elders for a Livable Tomorrow (MELT), have in this instance, systematically refused to acknowledge the vital connection the coal industry has to the economic health of our nation, state and communities. They purposefully forget that it takes FOSSIL FUELS to build the windmills and solar panels and ship them to designations. Do they think if they shut down extractive mining in the United States that it will just “go away”? Do they not realize the mining will continue in places where there are no regulations? And in the long run, that it is more harmful to the earth? These environmental groups ‘burn it to the ground’ agenda and refusal to acknowledge we don’t yet have a comprehensive solution to the loss of affordable energy, loss of revenue, loss of good paying jobs and to the death of communities is reckless and irresponsible.

Nicole Borner – backup elect Due to Voter Disappointment

Tom Berry Gets it Done. Not promises, but tried and true experience

Tom Berry Simply gets it done.

Native Montanan Tom Berry,your Four-Time Elected Legislature Representative, works diligently for our families, jobs, communities, the economy and responsible choices for our Montana.

He is the Right Choice for our Commissioner.



Tom Berry Gets it Done for Montanans

Tom Berry Gets in done for Montana•  Sponsored a prescription drug registry Bill to eliminate “doctor shopping” by prescription drug abusers who illegally-obtained multiple prescriptions for addictive drugs such as Oxycontin and Fentanyl (HB 83)
•  Sponsored a Bill banning synthetic marijuana and Spice drugs which caused hallucinations, threatening the safety of our youth (HB 185)
•  Sponsored a Bill revising coal leasing laws on state-owned lands for a more flexible, productive and pro economy process (HB 533)
•  Sponsored a bill to revise the 911 Call Center Law to unclog critical funding that small communities like Shepherd and Roundup depend (HB 575)
•  Served on a committee to rein in out-of-control medical use of marijuana (SB 423)
•  Sponsored Bill giving Community Banks more latitude in banking, less regulation (HB 432)
•  Voted on Bill eliminating tax on office equipment for small businesses, less regulation (SB 96)
•  Sponsored legislation helping small businesses affected by federally- declared disasters, so unemployment insurance does not increase, such as the Busy Bee Cafe (HB 261)
Chairman of the powerful house business and labor committee in 2013 legislative session

Ray Gorham twists facts and misleads the public

Tom Berry votes with the Republican Majority 90% of the time


My opponent “Votes like a New Yorker”


Tom Berry raises Registered Angus Beef on a 4,000 acre ranch


My opponent has a “hobby ranch”


Tom Berry took a 4-week vacation

tom-Berry-ray-Gorham-FictMy opponent is a “part-time Montana resident”


Ray Gorham should stick at what he is good at: fiction.
Montana doesn’t need a candidate that campaigns on twisted facts and truths. If he is twisting the truth on the above, what else is he twisting the truth on?

Tom Berry, the Clear Choice for Montana’s HD-40

Tom Berry, the clear choiceTom Berry continues to be the Clear Choice for our Montana House District 40.

Native Montanan Tom Berry:

  • Was born and raised in eastern Montana
  • Is a Montana Rancher, owns a ranch that raises registered Angus cattle
  • Lived in Montana his entire life, 64 years
  • Experienced House District representative with three successful terms in the Montana Legislature


Outsider Ray Gorham:

  • Was born and raised in Calgary Canada
  • California resident for a decade
  • Outsider to Montana, only a few years of living in our State
  • Is experimenting: No experience, No plan

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana Businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by Montana Businesses

Tom Berry is Endorsed by

  • Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSA)
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
  • Montana Contractors Association (MCA)
  • Montana Medical Association (MMA)
  • Montana Petroleum Marketers Association
  • Montana Tavern Association (MTA)
  • Montana Coal Council
  • Montana Bankers Association