From Tim Fox, Attorney General

Tim Fox Attorney GeneralThree-term legislator Tom Berry brings a wealth of experience as a small businessman to the Legislature, cheap and is widely regarded as invaluable in insurance law related discussions due to his experience on the issue. This extraordinary man also turned the loss of his beloved son 14 years ago into a powerful voice at the Legislature for important criminal justice issues. As the scourge of designer drugs like bath salts and spice hit Montana, search we were reminded of just how twisted the criminal mind can be. Using chemistry to change the characteristics of substances to mimic dangerous drugs, find criminals thrust upon us seemingly innocuous products marketed in tempting packages and sold in convenience stores, head shops, and other stores. The results are devastating, as these substances ruined, and even ended, the lives of countless thousands of young Montanans.

“With Tom’s help, we can now protect our kids from these designer drugs.”

Obviously these dangerous designer drugs needed to be outlawed, but that wouldn’t be easy. You see, to make a substance illegal, you must first define that substance chemically in a way that can be tested and analyzed to confirm that it is illegal. Once you’ve done that, the criminal chemists just change the chemical properties of the substance by cooking it longer, or adding something to the recipe, thereby making it slightly different than what we’ve made illegal in the law. Working with our State’s Forensic Crime Lab professionals and with Representative Tom Berry, my office was able to define in the law the basic chemical building blocks of these substances in a way that, no matter how the criminal chemists cook them up, they will still be illegal. With Tom’s help, we can now protect our kids from these designer drugs. Thank you Tom for turning your loss and grief into a life-long mission to protect our Montana kids. I am blessed to call you my friend, and Montana is blessed to have you as one of our leaders.

—Tim Fox, Attorney General, Montana
Commencement Speech at Yellowstone Christian College
May 10, 2014

From Michelle Weiland

Michelle Weilan and Ryan BerryTo Whom It May Concern:

Our dad, Tom Berry, is running as the incumbent for House District 40. This is our dad’s fourth campaign, and my brother, Ryan, and I have never before written a letter to any paper on his behalf. However we now feel obligated to write due to the misleading propaganda being put out by Ray Gorham and his campaign against our dad. Mr. Gorham has brought our family’s tragedy into his campaign and is exploiting it to make political hay that our dad is anti-gun. Our father is extremely pro-2nd Amendment. He, we, and our families, are avid gun sportsmen and hunters, and we believe in the right to self-defense. Tom Berry taught my brother and I about gun safety and had us target shooting when were just waist-high. In fact just yesterday, May 11th, he took my husband and our little boys shooting for the afternoon. To say he is anti-gun is just plain wacky.

So where does Mr. Gorham fit into all of this? He is trying to tie the murder of our dad’s son, and our 17 yr old half-brother, Steve Berry, to Tom Berry’s supposed anti-gun stance. I was shocked last night to read these statements on Mr. Gorham’s website, “I’m truly sorry for his [Tom Berry] loss, but that doesn’t justify having a bad record on gun control…” That is just mind-numbing, but furthermore what the heck is he even talking about? It appears that Mr. Gorham is using the loss of Steve to gun violence (he was killed by a drug dealer in Glendive in 2000) as some weird evidence that our dad is an anti-gun zealot. Ryan and I take insult to this ridiculous leap of twisted logic, and we are disgusted that Mr. Gorham would bring this family tragedy into the campaign to try and support his outright lies. It is shameless, classless, and not something I would expect from a true Montanan. But then again Mr. Gorham isn’t from Montana, is he? According to his website, he has spent most of his life in his native Canada, other countries around the world, and the state of California. I guess this latest tactic shouldn’t surprise me.   Why don’t you try to keep it honest and clean, Mr. Gorham? This is politics at its lowest.

Michelle Weiland, Billings, MT
Ryan Berry, Lewistown, MT


From Montana Rancher George Griemsman

George Griemsman, Rancher and Nutra Lix Dealer in MontanaI support Tom Berry for House District #40. I have worked with Tom for several years managing feed supplements for his Ranch. I find Tom hard working, honest and a man with Montana values. Join me in voting for Tom Berry and his continued hard work for Montana.
—George Griemsman, Rancher and Nutra Lix Dealer

From Mike Weiland

Testimonial by Mike Weiland Billings MontanaI support Montana native Tom Berry for House District 40. As former Educator in Shepherd, MT, I would like to recommend Tom Berry to all communities in District 40. Tom is a Montana native and successful self made business man that is intimately concerned with the best future for our families, jobs, towns, the economy and the safety of our children. I was born and raised in Montana and am now raising my own family in this wonderful state. Tom Berry hears our voice and is working hard for responsible results that we can see.
—Mike Weiland


A word from the Reverend

I have known Tom Berry for over three decades. During those years I have had the opportunity to work along side Tom and see first hand the work ethic and character he possesses. Life has not always been kind or fair to Tom. He wasn’t born with a trust fund.  The success he presently enjoys has been earned through hard work, long hours, and a refusal to settle for mediocrity.

The most powerful quality about Tom is that he is a man of his word. He is someone who can be trusted with great responsibility, such as the welfare of our communities and state. If he says he will do something, he gets it done and he chooses wisely.

I know Tom Berry well, as his pastor for more than twenty years. In that role I have worked directly with him with his own challenges, community problem solving and Montana issues. I have a deep respect for Tom Berry. Please join me in supporting Tom’s continued success for Montana for House District 40.
—Reverend Gery Helsby, Broadview Bethel Evangelical Church

From an Attorney at Law

I’ve known Tom berry for over twenty five years. Tom has always listened seriously, to the concerns of his neighbors, customers and community. He has a lot of pride for his greater community.

Bringing his Montana common sense and his business experience to a legislative role is a natural use of his talents. House District 40 and the associated legislative committees have benefited from his hard work, participation and dedication to the important matters of sorting out what Montana options make sense and which ones don’t.

Tom has made a difference. His district and the State of Montana have benefited from his service, and his continued position in HD 40 is a smart choice.
—Bob Jovick, Attorney at Law, Livingston, MT

From Agriculture

I have known Tom Berry for over 30 years. I have worked with Tom in the industries of small business and big Ag business. He has a strong integrity and if forthright in any relations I have done with him. He has been a good State representative and will continue to do so.
—Fred Wacker