Tom Berry simply gets it done


Your Four-Time Elected Legislature Representative, works diligently for our families, jobs, communities, the economy and responsible choicesfor our Montana.

Tom Berry is the Right Choice for our Musselshell County Commissioner

•  tom-berry-thank-youConservative Native Montana Values
•  Experienced and Connected Legislator
•  Business Background and Ranching
•  Budget Wise and Priority Awareness
•  Understands our County’s Big Picture
•  Legislation against illegal drugs
•  Legislation against RX drug abuse
•  Emergency Call Center Funding
•  City of Roundup Grant
•  Roundup Schools Grant
•  Business Tax Break
•  Balanced Budget with Reserves
• City and County Water Project Grants
•  Property Rights Protection

Experience and Smart Voting for a Healthy Community

tom berry

Always voted for Treasure State Endowment (TSEP)

(These funds come from Coal Severance Tax)

  • City of Roundup Water Project 2015 $500,000
  • Musselshell County W&S Project in 2013 $450,000
    Roundup Water Project in 2011 $500,000 Supports Law Enforcement
  • Carried Legislation to curb prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping
  • Carried Legislation to curb dangerous synthetic drugs
  • Revised 911 call center funding for immediate access Supports Roundup and the Entire Musselshell County:
  • Got Musselshell County’s Tim Schaff on the Montana Coal Board
  • Carried legislation increasing coal board funding, resulting in:
  • City of Roundup receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Roundup Schools receiving a $500,000 grant
  • Signal Peak Mine tax break for coal washing, thus increasing their competitiveness in the global market

Voted to Reduce Tax

  • Reduced State Income Tax
  • Reduced Business Equipment Tax
  • Reduced Workers Compensation rates
  • Stop Increase of Employment Tax due to Natural Declared Flood Disaster that helped Busy Bee Café.

Voted for a Balanced and Smart Budget

  • For a Balanced state budget in 2015, leaving $450 Million in reserves
  • For a Balanced state budget in 2013, leaving $300 Million in reserves
  • For an Infrastructure Bill which would have allowed Roundup and Musselshell county to apply for grants

Other Smart Votes for our Community

  • For a Grant to Repair Deadman’s Basin Dam Spillway in 2011
  • For a Grant to Repair the Musselshell Diversion Dam for Deadman’s Basin water source in 2013
  • To Protect Property Rights, preventing property corner crossings